PCP Ammo Wants Help Testing Polymer-Cased Bullets



PCP Ammunition is asking its customers for feedback on its new .308 caliber polymer-cased ammunition.

Polymer-cased ammo is an attractive concept because its much lighter than traditiona, brass-cased bullets. But so far, these so-called, space-age polymers have failed to perform as well as brass. 

 "This is the first time in history that an ammunition manufacturer has offered high performance polymer cased .308 rifle ammunition to the commercial market. We are offering this limited release of production to a select number of consumers. We are limiting the production initially to allow for user feedback that validates our test results. We are extremely interested in the feedback of our first group of civilian consumers."  
PCP Ammunition and certified, third-party testing facilities have performed thousands of tests on this product and we are confident in its safety and performance. Prior to this initial civilian release, PCP Ammunition was recently awarded contracts with the Department of Defense to deliver advanced lightweight polymer sub-sonic ammunition and an improved .50 caliber precision round, PCP officials say. Show Full Article