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ID Target Systems - 3D Targets that look back


ID Target Systems is about to release a new target system for firearms training. They're like a modern, much higher quality version of the old green Ivan targets some of us used to shoot at.

Designed for both the square range and a shoot house, they stem from the frustration felt by the designer (Tatiana Whitlock) when she had to constantly shoot two-dimensional and bland cardboard targets. Because she has a background in plastics manufacturing, product design and fine art (and a serious love for shooting), her solution were these all-weather, 3D and printed with various images that feature different options for threat assessment shoot/don't shoot scenarios.

ID Target Systems -2

Tatiana advises the 1:1 scale targets were "...specifically designed to be reactive with isolated head and chest cavities." If accurately engaged to one or both of those zones, the target falls. There is a mechanism in place here for the instructor to provide discretion , but we'll talk more about that when the targets are about to be released. Targets are humanoid in shape, providing a 180 degree suspect/target profile so shooters training with it can work with "actual rather than theoretical angles." Imagery on the front provides for anatomical reference points, facial features and cast shadows.

"Image and Form combine." Whitlock says, "in a target that forces the student to process information and hone shot placement."

ID Target Systems -3

'Refaces' and 'chest patches that match the most frequently damaged parts of the target will be available, the intention being to quickly and easily repair the target without disrupting the image (and of course giving the target a longer life cycle). Having a 3D target with a face looking back down your sights at you seems like an excellent way to augment traditional marksmanship targets and steel to refine shooting skills; we see them being of particular use in a live fire shoot house. It's certainly better (and more realistic) than hanging a paper target on the wall or in a frame in the middle of the room.

Whitlock tells us the ID Targets have patents pending and are 100% made in the USA. She's currently working the final bugs out now and plans on a final test run in a pistol and shotgun course in the next week or so. She hopes to have it all squared away by SHOT Show and will be able to quote pricing soon.

FYI the "MILF" acronym on the picture you see does not stand for what you think it stands for. It's actually the Mongolian Irish Liberation Front, which as you know if you've trained with EAG Tactical is one of Pat Rogers' favorite terrorist groups.

 ID Target Systems

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