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Army Adopts G-Code, SERPA Models as New Holsters


gcode1The U.S. Army recently awarded contracts worth more than $73 million to equip soldiers with the G-Code XST and Blackhawk SERPA holsters for its Improved Modular Tactial Holster program.

On Dec. 18, the Army awarded a $49 million contract to Military Hardware, LLC for G-Code holsters and $24.3 million contract to ADS Inc. for Serpa holsters.

The SERPA line has seen mixed reviews over the years. The Marine Corps held a similar effort two years ago and adopted the Blackhawk SERPA.

But the SERPA's retention mechanism is prone to become clogged with dirt, increasing the chances for a  malfunction, sources say.


The G-Code XST features a spring-loaded, hooded retention device that become extremely popular with users.

The Army also tested designs from companies such as Safariland.


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