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TTPs for Proper Battlefield Application of Unsighted Fires


Tactical Application of Blind Fire 1One of our friends pointed this out to us, so we thought we'd pass it along. You can argue most tactics all day long but TBF (Tactical Blind Fire: "unsighted target discrimination and prosecution") is irrefutably, ruthlessly effective.  It's the next best thing to doing a "death blossom" with an AK and a handgun when you're surrounded. There are a few discrepancies in this one, of course - no reflective belts, for one, and it's a video (not a powerpoint) for another.  Other than that? Totally legit.

Besides, who doesn't like pie?  Mad Duo

Correct use of blind fire is a low risk, high yield tactic that delivers game changing potential for asymmetric battlespace supremacy gaining residual operational capability for plus up of ground assets. Dynamic Pie Concepts

Tactical Application of Blind Fire 2


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