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Keeper Sticks Out in Crowded Holster Market


Keeper holster 1There are many custom kydex and leather holsters out there. This makes it easy to yawn and dismiss a new style or manufacturer - I'm not sure that's a wise idea with the Keeper Holster.

What initially intrigued me most about this holster was that Craig Douglas was somehow associated with it, even peripherally. After listening to Spencer Keeper, the holster's designer, discuss his design methodology I decided to order one and take it out to the range. If it works as described it would mitigate the issues I have had carrying appendix inside the waistband (AIWB).

The Keeper kydex holster begins with the premise that driving the butt of a handgun into the wearers belly will help with concealment. To this end Spencer has built 2 wedges into the holster; one to push the butt of the gun into the belly, one to push the muzzle away from the body, which (because it is hinged on the belt line) pulls the slide into the body.

The holster, which has a high and low ride position belt loop, also provides a mechanism for ride height and cant. This can have a significant impact on comfort of wear and ability to conceal the weapon, obviously that's going to vary from person to person. It also allows for the establishment of a full master grip primary to the draw. The end of the end of the holster has a wedge to improve cushion and comfort. A "wedge stop" cups the bottom of the trigger guard to mitigate movement as you gain your master grip.

Keeper holster 1Keeper holster - Evan Carson

From looking at video and pictures, it would seem that the Keeper would hold up to repeated draw strokes and not collapse at the mouth.

"The mouth of the holster doesn’t collapse and even 'funnels' the gun into place.  The gun locks in with an authoritative snap.  I feel every bit as safe drawing from this holster as I do with a traditional belt holster.  I’ve tried almost every AIWB holster made and none feel as safe and secure as this one," Greg Ellfritz of Active Response Training said.

The holster retails for $158 shipped, but you'll need to e-mail the builder at to order one. I don't have one to review yet, and I'm not sure what the wait time is but I'll advise.

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