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Bivy Review Roundup: Does Expensive Mean Good?


IMG_1162When we decided to do reader reviews on military-style bivy shelters, we wanted to give the rest of our audience some insight on what amounts to be a substantial investment in snivel gear. We chose these three bivies because they were anything but cheap.

The Observer Plus, which retails for a little more than $700, features a duel-pole support system at the front opening and is extremely low profile. The Sabre SE, which averages about $500, has an inflatable, Airbeam support system, a large vestibule and light-signature reducing fabric. And finally, the IONOSPHERE, which costs about $200, is a roomy, well constructed shelter that will likely keep you well protected in foul weather.

Field-TestReader-ReviewThey are all high-quality bivies, but are any of them worth the investment? And are any of them the right shelter for a trip to a combat zone or an adventure to some foreign, unforgiving land? We hope we answered these questions.

We realize, some gear out there is over-priced. We may do another round of reader reviews in the future that focus on low-cost shelter options. But keep in mind, this is a tactical gear blog, and we are going to focus on the latest, innovative kit to provide readers with what we hope will be useful information before they pull the trigger on that pricey new piece of gear.

We hope you all stay tuned for our next installment of reader reviews. To that end, we're always open to requests. Send us suggestions for gear you'd like our hand picked readers to review.

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