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Review: 1MOA's Combat Operation Data Book


1MOA combat operations data book during Taliban Spring Offensive

The data book you see in the picture above is the Combat Operations Data Book (CODB) from 1MOA Solutions in use in Afghanistan. The CODB was developed by former Army sniper Adam Wilson with help from other long gun specialists and is built by Combat Swag.

Adam is the head of 1MOA Solutions. When not crossing Eriador with Balin, Dwalin, Oin, Gloin and Pocket Doc, he now teaches precision rifle, carbine and other classes via 1MOA Solutions, Warrior Summit and other venues. The CODB is modular and was designed to withstand the abuse of mud, sand, dirt, etc. frequently encountered by snipers on the job. It's built of rip resistant, waterproof materials that has been described by some of its end users as "even tougher than Rite in the Rain paper."

Asked what sets the CODB from other data books, Wilson readily admits there are some very good commercial books available, but says it's "...different because it is designed for use under the worst possible conditions...our snipers are still fighting and crawling through the mud and dirt regardless of weather...Additionally I worked to include things like an Operations Order shell, 9 Line MEDEVAC, Troop Leading Procedures and Close Air Support requests...[It is] one package with all the tools needed to operate under any conditions.

The format won't be unfamiliar to those using U.S. Army Sniper School data books or similar commercial products, but it does have some additional material inside to include operational planning aids, troop leading procedures, combat casualty care 9-line CASEVAC and CAS requests, etc.  The 3-ring poly binder design comes in tan or brown - no grey yet so you the user can arrange it however needed. It comes with 118 waterproof and tear resistant writable sheets containing standard formulas and data gathering tables. Additional inserts with information on the XM2010 .300WM, M107 .50 cal, and advanced ballistic formulas will apparently be available soon, as will data packets for .338LM and some additional material being developed now.

1MOA Combat Operations Data Book

Data sheets include:

4x Consolidated Data 10x Target Dimensions 10x Cold Bore 10x Grouping 10x Stationary Target 10x Special Target 10x Moving Target 10x Unknown Target 10x Range card 10x Field Sketch 10x Observation Log 4x Round Count 4x Notes 1x MOA/Conversion Table 1x Range Estimation Table 1x Range Table 1x Wind Formula 1x Hold/Angle Fire Table 1x Moving Target Formula 1x 9 Line MEDEVAC 1x 5 Paragraph OPORD Template 1x Close Air Support /Call for Fire Request

The Combat Operations Data Book from 1MOA Solutions retails for $69.95.

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