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SureFire's Fury Line: 500 or 1,000 Lumens?



A couple of months ago, SureFire doubled the output its Fury line with the new 1,000-lumen P3X. I sat down with SureFire’s Don Alexander at the Association of the United States Army’s 2013 Annual meeting and exposition to get an idea of what this 1,000 lumen light gives you vs. the original Fury P2X that puts out 500 lumens.

The P3X is a nine-volt, three-battery light. Besides 1,000 lumens, it puts out roughly 17,000 candela. “Lumen is the total light output of the light; that’s the size of the fist that is going to hit you,” said Alexander, director of Military Sales at SureFire. “Candela is the power behind that fist, how far that light can be projected.”

Depending on light conditions, the P3X will project a beam out 200 to 300 yards, Alexander said. “This can throw visible light 200 to 400 yards away,” he said.

By comparison, the Fury P2X will throw light out at 100 to 200 yards away, he said.

You may not need this much power if you live in a well-lit urban area. But the boost range might be useful to boaters or anyone who spends a lot of time in the desert, Alexander said.

“If I want to illuminate a larger space; if I want to illuminate the inside of a warehouse where the power is down, it gives me the ability to illuminate a bigger space,” he said.

It comes in a two-stage version, offering 15 lumen at the low-end and 1,000 at full power. The tactical version is a straight 1,000 lumen. The PX3 retails for about $250. If you don’t need that extra range, stick with the P2X, which runs about $150.

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