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Spuhr AB Releases New Ops-Core VAS Adapter for NVG Kit


Spuhr AB OPs-Core NVG ModSwedish manufacturer Spuhr AB typically builds firearms accessories like optics mounting systems, sights for 40 mike-mike grenade launchers and updgrade kits for the G36 and HK 417. Håkan Spuhr just released some video of the new Spuhr AB NVG adapter for the Ops-Core helmet and VAS shroud.

This new piece will allow a helmet wearer to utilize the previously released Spuhr AB NVG mount with the popular Ops-Core VAS. The Spuhr NVG mount is an ambidextrous, lightweight and flexible mount that allows the user to change from having one to two monoculars as needed. It also allows a fast, efficient way to transfer not only the optic from head/helmet to firearm and back, but also the entire system from helmet to head and back.

This is a video of the new OPs-Core mod:


This is an overview of the Spuhr Night Vision system's overall advantages:


More on the Lightweight Flexible NVG Mount here.

Hakan Spuhr modeling the NVG mountHakan Spuhr in his shop

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