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SORD Offers Light Field Anorak


SORD Anorak

Australia's Special Operations Research & Development (SORD) is offering a few more of their Light Field Anoraks (LFA) for commercial purchase. This is usually a military/government item, available only intermittently. Like the British smock, anoraks are a less common type of cold weather garment that is very well-loved by those who prefer it to more traditional snivel kit like softshell jackets.

These SORD LFSs are available in MultiCam only, unfortunately (not even AUSCAM), so those who might want to wear one in "civvies" are out of luck. Color options (colour options if you're from Australia) are limited in this particular fabric.

The LFA is a lightweight mid- or outer-layer garment. It is lightweight, waterproof and apparently breathable (according to SORD it is breathable enough that they eschewed pit zips). The base fabric, "DELTA", is US-manufactured by Duro Textiles. It is NIR (Near Infrared) and Schoeller Nanosphere treated. The former reduces the wearers IR signature while the latter helps the garment repel debris and water while retaining warmth and breathability.

SORD Anorak 3The Anorak features an internalized zippered map pocket, upper arm pockets with external hook-and-loop panel, Velcro tabbed adjustable wrists, lower pass-though and two hand pockets. The rear of the garment is dropped to accommodate bending, crouching, etc. Two shock-cord drawstrings at the waist and hem can be used to tighten the garment down and another one can be used to secure the hood (which can be tucked way with a zippered closure and storm flap).

More importantly to some Kit Up readers will be its weight and compressibility; the LFA weighs approximately 1.5 pounds and can be compressed down to the approximate equivalent size of a 1 Liter Nalgene bottle. This would seem to make it the ideal size for lightweight contingency kit or patrolling (not coincidentally, given the Australian SOF background of SORD's owner).

You can read more about the garment, or order one if you're inclined, here. It is not currently offered on the SORD USA page.

I like the Anorak style (I had one in Panama a long time ago), though not everyone cares for having to pull one on/off over the head rather than using a zipper or other centerline front closure. I have not worn any SORD garments but I have heard many good things about them anecdotally. If anyone has first hand experience with this kit, please feel free to sound off below.

SORD Anorak rolled up in a modular pouch

SORD Anorak 2


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