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Skallywag: From Diving the Caymans to Building Knives

Skallywag Razor and Dagger 2

That's the Skallywag Razor and Skallywag Tactical Dagger from Skallywag Tactical. Skallywag is run by Craig Burhart and his partner Mr. Grey. Skallyway is based out of Marina St. Croix, MN. There they build knives, perform custom work on guns and engage in "think tank - skunk works" development of a very wide array of items - from push daggers to boats 4WD vehicles for disabled persons.

Skallywag Tactical DaggerCraig's background is in fabrication and electronics while Grey's is in engineering, knife design and CNC machining. Both were SCUBA diving instructors in the Cayman Islands for about a decade. They came back home to open a fabrication-design engineering center, which has grown very quickly despite being, as Craig describes it, "out in the back woods."

The dagger's purpose is pretty straight forward -- offer a primary-secondary-final weapon as needed. The razor has a somewhat different story.

"I wanted an old 'southern gentleman' style straight razor," Burhart says, "and I was just going to go buy one. [Grey], who tries to maintain simple designs with a clear purpose, designed this for me and built it instead."

What was intended as a one-off straight razor took off on them, though.

"It's not a tactical blade, not a fighting blade," Craig said. "But the guys in Afghanistan disagree. 'Oh yes it is, they tell me,' and we keep shipping them over." Though surprised by the reaction, Skallywag is happy with the response and works very long hours to keep up with demand.

Skallywag Tactical Dagger2Right now, the website and e-store are down, but Craig advises anyone interested can contact them on Facebook, shoot them an e-mail or just call.

"Tell them to call me if they want one," he says. "We work late into the night. Nobody likes to use the phone anymore but we're happy to answer it and talk!"

MSRP on the razor is $425, $225 on the dagger. The razor is CNC machined from a billet of CPM s35vn steel, hand ground, hardened, tempered and Cerakoted, then laser etched with the Skallywag emblem and hand sharpened in house. 3D machined G-10 scales finish it.

It will ship with the buyer's choice of a Boltaron sheath from Survival Sheath Systems or a nylon sheath with snap retention and PALS from High Speed Gear Inc.  The dagger is CNC machined from a billet of 440C stainless steel and will come with the same sheath options


Skallywag Tactical Razor

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