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Navy to Issue Flame Resistant Coverall Uniform


130214-N-DU438-007The Navy developed a flame resistant coverall uniform that will be issued to fleet sailors starting in December as part of a $12 million program to protect sailors.

Officials plan to order 230,000 of the uniforms in which fleet sailors will be issued two pairs. Sailors who will receive the uniforms include those assigned to carriers, destroyers, amphips, aircraft carriers, big-deck gators, coastal patrol ships, frigates, logistics ships, and minesweepers.

The blue coveralls are 100 percent cotton treated with a flame resistant coating. The uniform costs $52, but sailors will not be required to purchase them. The Navy has deemed the uniform organizational clothing and will issue the flame resistant coverall.

Ships scheduled to deploy in the first part of 2014 are scheduled to receive the new coveralls. Also, currently deployed ships are on top of the priority list to receive the flame proof uniform, Navy officials said.

Once sailors receive the new coveralls, the "NWU type I and other polyester/poly blend uniforms" will no longer be authorized for wear underway except for "special events like manning the rails or ceremonies at anchor," according to a Navy announcement.

The flame resistant coverall "will not be worn in place of other organizational clothing like flight deck gear or electrical protective materials," according to the announcement.

Officials at the Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility in Natick, Mass., continue to test the new uniform as seen in the video below.


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