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Line of Fire Gloves: No-Slip Grip and Touch-Screen Capable


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We have talked about Line of Fire gloves ( on Kit Up before, but with colder weather fast approaching I thought I would give you another look at them - particularly now that they're offering "Sensa-Touch" Technology in addition to their standard TEGS (Technology Enhanced Grip System) palm.

I like LoF gloves primarily for this TEGS feature so I'll review that first. TEGS is a proprietary material that is featured on every glove LoF manufactures. At the risk of sounding facetious, I would best describe TEGS as tactical skateboard deck tape on steroids. It is referred to as Part A and Part B; Part A is the material sewn to the gripping surface of a pair of gloves. Part B refers to the 'counterpart' material (available in rolled strips or sheets) you can put around a fighting implement or other tool (such as breaching kit, for instance). Part B is not required for standard use; the gloves I've evaluated provide excellent grip surface even when not mated to Part B.

The TEGS material is made up of microscopic interlocking projections that protect vs. slippage even under sweaty/muddy/slick conditions, so much so that I'd personally recommend careful placement. I put TEGS on the grip of a handgun once to try it out and wound up pulling it back off because the grip was too secure for me to easily manipulate the weapon if I needed to adjust or break my grip. I do have it on the handles of both a prybar and a chainsaw, however, and it works superbly (which is why I believe it would be as much or more interesting to engineers and Seabees as it is to doorkickers). Note - Part A will not cling to Part B. It has a clean release.

The Sensa-Touch options turns all gloves thusly equipped into "touch screen gloves", something that provides obvious benefits. With the proliferation of touch-screen devices in both the civilian and military worlds, the Sensa-Touch feature is probably going to be popular as long as it performs well and holds up under harsh conditions.  Unlike some brands of touch screen gloves, the LoF version is apparently not a sewed- or glued-on afterthought accessory.

It is actually an organic feature embedded during the leather dying stage, allowing the wearer to use phones, tablets and other touch-responsive items without doffing the gloves. And the touch capacitive material is not coated in the TEGS so you should not need to worry about scratching the surface of a device.

LoF gloves Sensa Touch

I have used two different models of LoF glove thus far (one of them for nearly two years) and they've held up well, however I have not tried the Sensa-Touch feature myself. We'll advise more on that later once we have a pair of gloves with that option in hand. More on Line of Fire website here, on their Facebook page here or on their YouTube Channel.



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