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Corps May Require Service Dress 5 Days Per Week for DC


CharliesMarine Corps leaders are thinking about having Marines in the D.C. region wear service uniforms, according to a report by Marine Corps Times.

Marines typically wears camouflage utility uniforms. However, Commandant Gen. Jim Amos is reviewing a policy that would have Marines wear their service uniforms four days a week starting Nov. 1, according to the Marine Corps Times report.

The policy would affect marines who serve in the National Capital Region to include the Pentagon and Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.

Marines would likely wear the Service B from November to March and the Service C from April to October, according to the Marine Corps Times report.

The reason the policy would not extend to the fifth day of the traditional work week is because Amos had already ordered Marines earlier in the year to wear service uniforms on Fridays. Other services have issued similar policies.

Amos had said when the service dress policy was first discussed that the Marine Corps had this policy before 2001 and wanted to return to it.

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