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Army Nearing Breakthrough on Night Marksmanship

110323-A-3108M-009 is running a story in the morning that lays out some of the work the Army's Asymmetric Warfare Group has been doing to help trigger-pullers accurately track and hit fast-moving enemy fighters at night.

Yes, combat troops have the best-available night vision goggles and infrared illuminator/laser pointer devices. But despite its "own-the-night" focus, the U.S. Military has had little success in developing realistic night marksmanship training that replicates how fast enemy foot soldiers move between covered positions in the darkness.

 The AWG is hoping to change that.

The specialized unit has been developing new techniques of using M4-mounted IR illuminator/laser devices to effectively track and engage a new style of robotic targets at night.

I'm not saying that infantrymen and operators can't shoot at night. I certainly would not want to run in front of them. But historically, training for engaging moving targets -- day or night -- has not been a priority for the U.S. Military.

The AWG's work could rewrite the book on night marksmanship training.  Look for my Nov. 1 story detailing the effort on


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