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Revision's Ocumax Plus Attacks the Fog


Revision goggles in the fieldRevision Military, based out of Essex Junction, Vt., recently announced their new Ocumax Plus technology. The company advises they are raising the bar in "next-generation anti-fog coatings" for military eyewear.

Eyewear fogging is one of the leading complaints from soldiers in garrison and in combat. Long patrols, forced ruck marches or even a drastic climate change can cause an annoying and sometimes dangerous fog to form on the lenses of your eye protection. The user is then forced to clear the obstruction while ultimately being distracted from the task or mission at hand.

"For a soldier, a fogged lens may force him to remove his spectacles or goggles; leaving the Soldier's sight unprotected and disrupting his concentration from the mission at hand," says Eric Hounchell, vice President, Optics at Revision.

To break down the science of it all, fogging occurs when an abrupt change of temperature [of the transparent lens] drops below a dew point due to a difference in temperature or humidity. Condensation appears on the surface of the lens and forms fine, randomly spaced droplets. This environmental reaction results in scattering the light that travels to the wearer's eyes which causes impaired vision and inhibits his/her ability to be a fully-functioning operational asset.

Ocumax Plus coating prevents water condensation on the surface in the form of droplets. Revision's R&D team says they've found a unique chemical combination that results in a robust, durable anti-fog solution that can withstand in-field use. Using their in-house anti-fog chamber, Revision tested the Ocumax Plus coating to the EN 166 standard, one of the only quantifiable standards applied to the eye protection issued to military personnel. In testing, the lens remained fog-free for over 100 seconds, Occumax officials said.

Now, 100 seconds may not sound like a long time, but it's provides an ample period for the lens material to adjust to the climate and conditions.

The coating has demonstrated durability under the rigors of combat and is now being offered on the majority of Revision Military products, including their StingerHawk, Desert Locust, Bullet Ant and Wolfspider goggle styles.

For more info on Revision's full line of eyewear and the Ocumax Plus technology, log on to their website at or on their Facebook Page- Revision Military.

- By “Mad Duo Brad” Brad Walker

Wolfspider Bullet Ant StingerHawk

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