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Marines Consider Replacing Pewter Coats with Black


All-Weather CoatThe Corps wants to know what its Marines think about replacing the traditional pewter gray all-weather coat with black.

Marine leaders want to field a new all-weather coat within the next year or two. Lou Curcio, a Marine Corps Systems Command official, explained that the Corps was having a hard time matching the pewter shade with the new coat.

“The change to black can allow for better shade consistency for this item and is already in the supply system which creates cost efficiency in future acquisitions,” he explained.

Marines can access the survey here and it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey consists of five demographics questions followed by four all-weather-coat survey questions.

Other than a color change, Systems Command is not seeking other changes to the traditional design. Also, the Corps expects the black all-weather coat to be cheaper than the pewter version.

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