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Grey Ghost Gear Now Making FAL Pouches


GGG FAL Pouch 1Idaho-based Grey Ghost Gear, which along with Tactical Tailor, was awarded a contract to provide the Marine Corps with night vision goggle pouches, AN/PRC-153 and 152 pouches and 40 mike-mike bandoliers, now has modular FN/FAL magazine pouches commercially available.

"There are a surprising number of FAL owners here in the U.S.," says GGG's Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. "Many of them prefer a dedicated magazine pouch to a universal or an adjustable one. We were happy to address that need."

The GGG FAL pouches are "doubles", designed to carry two 20-round capacity 7.62mm FAL style magazines, as well as two standard capacity pistol magazines (single- and double-stack) on the outside. The FAL magazine compartment is secured with bungee retention straps. The pistol magazine pouch are elastic, with optional flaps.

GGG will be officially launching the availability of the new mag pouches with a social media contest on Instagram - FAL owners will post pictures of themselves and their rifle, tagging Grey Ghost Gear in the image (@greyghostgear, #greyghostgearFALs), in order to be entered to win.

Each will be shipped with four MALICE Clips for fastening. The Double FALs/Double Pistol Mag pouches are currently available in coyote brown and MultiCam only. Perhaps after Big Army sorts out its schizophreni there will be additional camouflage patterns available for purchase. Sadly there will almost certainly never be a Rhodesian camouflage pattern.

GGG FAL Pouch 2 GGG FAL Pouch 3 GGG FAL Pouch 4

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