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A Box Wrench for Your Rifle: Combat Optic Tool

COT adjusting vertical and horizontal alignment on EOTech 3 x magnifier

Sometimes little things can be a big help. I keep dental tools in my rifle cleaning kit, for instance. They've been there for over a decade (though since the inclusion of a MultiTasker 3 they don't get any use). I could definitely see the "Combat Optic Tool" being something that fills that niche for some shooters. The tool is built by Patriot Products AZ LLC.

At $15 it's a pretty inexpensive piece to add to your cleaning or maintenance kit. The Combat Optic Tool will adjust windage and elevation on Aimpoint EOTech and Trijicon ACOGs, RMRs and other optics, and its box wrench will service both 10mm Aimpoint mounts and LaRue Tactical 3/8" mounts. It will also work on EOTech, Trijicon mounts, ADM and GDI mounts.

Combat Optic Tool from Patriot Products

COT tightening and loosening battery box on EOTech XPSCOT adjusting windage and elevation on Trijicon ACOG


Combat Optic Tool adjusting windage and elevation on CompC3COT adjusting elevation on Aimpoint Micro T-1 and H-1

If that isn't quite utilitarian enough, you'll be happy to know the manufacturer also advises it can serve as an "emergency life saving device because it can open your favorite beverage when you are dying of thirst."

Combat Optic Tool from Patriot Products will open beer

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