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Army to Show Off Newest Infantry Toys



The U.S. Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Ga., will showcase its latest individual and squad kit later this month during an open house at the McKenna Military Operations in Urban Terrain training area.

The Sept. 24 event will feature the Man Portable Line Charge. The MPLC is a lightweight; portable; rocket launched explosive line mplc charge which can be employed in 30 seconds.

The system is designed to assist small tactical units in conducting clearing operations in urban terrain and complex, mined or trip-wired environments. This technology is very similar to the tracked vehicle or towed trailer version which is used to provide minefield clearing capabilities for larger maneuver forces, according to a Benning press release.

The open house, hosted by the Maneuver Battle Lab, will also feature the following technologies:

-- Lightweight Small Arms Technology -- Cased Telescoped Lightweight Machine Gun -- Individual Assault Munitions -- Squad Common Optic -- XM210 IR Hand Held Signal Parachute Flare -- XM MK3A3 Concussion Grenade -- Pen Flare -- Small Arms Signature Reduction/Flash Suppressor -- Modular Universal Battery Charger -- M4A1 Carbine
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