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U.S. Army Testing G-Code Holsters for M9 Rig


gcode1QUANTICO MARINE BASE, Va. -- So I heard today that Army equipment officials are considering the G-Code XST Holster and several accessories in its search for the service's Improved Modular Tactical Holster.

Scott Harry , owner of Military Hardware LLC., primary distributor of G-Code, told me the Army is expected to select a winner sometime in the next six weeks. Equipment officials began testing holsters this spring as part of a limited user evaluation.

"They purchased 25 sets in March and have been running them ever since," Harry said at Modern Day Marine 2013.

The Army is also testing designs from companies such as Safariland and Blackhawk.

The Marine Corps held a similar effort two years ago which resulted in the adoption of the Blackhawk SERPA, a design that features a retention mechanism that can become clogged with dirt and malfunction, sources say.

"We weren't even aware of that competition," Harry said.
The G-Code XST features a spring-loaded, hooded retention device that become extremely popular with users.

The XST features several mounts that allow the shooter to attach the holster in several carrying configurations, Harry said. The entire package retails for just over $200, but the Army would get it for significantly less under government rates and purchasing in bulk, Harry said.

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