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Warrior Summit Hosts Individual Training Event


Adam-MOE Warrior SummitWarrior Summit will hold its third annual four day, six-instructor training event in Cleveland, Ohio on Aug. 30-Sept. 2. The summit offers a variety of training topics from a number of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) taught in one-day blocks.

There are a large number of training classes, symposiums and conferences to choose from in the "tactical industry." Some are hands on, "prac-app" like the training blocks at NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association). Some, like the topic blocks at the Maneuver Conference, are largely classroom/lecture based. Seldom, however, do you see so-called "private" training events (i.e. non-organizational) that offer a variety of topics in its stable of courses. There are obviously many reasons for this, the largest being the constraints of time.

I don't know any instructor who actively prefers to teach a one-day or half-day course. It's too hard to effectively communicate the material in such a short time; if you are striving for thorough instruction. There is something to be said, however, for the occasional a la carte training event for those prospective students who might have very limited opportunity to train, and/or the desire to receive a basic grounding in more than one subject.

It is also a good opportunity for a prospective student to 'wet his feet' if not whet his appetite -- perhaps vetting a particular instructor by attending a one-day block before investing time and money into that organization's full course somewhere else. Warrior Summit is one of these multiple instructor, multiple topic classes, and it is open to the public.

Topics for this year's summitt are all related to such topics as knife defense, hand-to-hand combat, handgun, mid-range rifle, and long-range rifle. Instructors hail from such organizations as 1MOA SolutionsParatus AcademyFortis Group and others. Currently specific classes "on the menu" are: Precision Rifle LV1, Short to Mid Range Carbine, Combat Focus Shooting, Safer Faster Knife Defense and Unarmed Combatives - Weapon Retention - Weapons Access.

Students choose from instructors and pick which day they with to attend that particular block. This has the added advantage of providing some flexibility for those students who perhaps cannot attend the class in its entirety, or who want to attend the same block a second time for repetition.

Adam Wilson of 1MOA Solutions about the Warrior Summit. Specifically how he was involved and what he'd be doing.

"Paul [Paul Carlson] asked me to participate last year and I couldn't join in," Adam replies. "I was still active duty [with the Army] at the time and couldn't get free. I'll be teaching a select civilian clientele in precision rifle techniques, helping them build a foundation that allows them to get the hits - as in 'minute of man - they need at long range, delivered quickly when needed while hopefully avoiding novice mistakes."

It appears the Warrior Summit instructors will have some discretion and latitude when it comes to their courses and the students, for those who are worried they might be on the firing line alongside less-than-sterling students.

"I reserve the right to refund any potential students course fee prior to the course and deny their enrollment," Adam advises. "That decision is made if I feel they pose a significant training risk or they are unable to conduct themselves as a responsible adult."

For more information you can check the website or head over to  for course details and updates.

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