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Geiger Rig Releases Tactical Line

Tactical Geiger Rig in Use

Geiger Rig, which we talked about last year after Outdoor Retailer (videos below), is now available in a tactical series, it won Best Hydration Pack OR 2013 from Gear Patrol. It is just one in a series of awards they've picked up.

The new rigs are available in black or tan and have a 70 oz. capacity. This is the only hydration system of its kind that I'm aware of. I bring it to your attention because I know from e-mails last year that many of you were either waiting on the desert color or holding off on black so you could rattle-can it.

The armored back and the ability to deliver a pressurized spray are a plus not just for "field use" but also for recreation. I'm sure many readers on here can tell stories of burst bladders. Water isn't just a necessity, it's a force multiplier. I like the protection and share options this rig provide (check out this video to see how it holds up).



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