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Sunday Funny: AK47 Woes


Yesterday was the AK47's 65th birthday (66th if you start with its first design). First - happy belated birthday, AK47! Second, get well Mikhail Kalashnikov, we hope you feel better soon.

The AK has a justly earned reputation for rugged durability and the ability to withstand all manner of abuse. Corrosion, damp, poor maintenance. Stories of the AK's have been told by shooters for over half a century, from Vietnam to Afghanistan now. Veterans of recent USMC FID operation in Africa tell stories of AKs kept running by virtue of pouring motor oil on it and in it, a maintenance TTP that results in huge clouds of blue-grey smoke above sustained firing or a contact -- exactly as veterans of the Rhodesian Bush War describe it 30 years ago.

There's probably a good chance some of those are the same individual rifles.

In any case, here's a Sunday Funny for you -- this poor fellow did not get one of the better AKs...or perhaps he's just even harder on his than most.




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