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Sage Dynamics' New Training DVD


Sage Dynamics has released a new training DVD with content that is also completely available by digital download. The "Defensive Handgun Fundamentals DVD" is available for pre-order now initial price of $20 (saving $5 over the retail) price. Those DVDs will ship in just a few weeks (first part of August). The download is actually over on Pramek's website (more on the later). If you want to download it now, also for $20, go to The link to the download from the main Sage Dynamics page apparently is only functioning part of the time (visibility is hit or miss) but they are working now to repair it.


Opinions differ on the value of training DVDs, or which ones should be ordered. This appears to have high quality production values and, given its content (see links to articles below) more than sufficient quality material to warrant such a relatively inexpensive purchase.

Here are a some previews of what you can expect to see.



Aaron Cowan, the lead instructor and director of training for Sage Dynamics, is an Army veteran (see below from a long time ago at Ft. Stewart -he's second from right), a former PSC contractor and current LEO. He has written a number of op-eds in the past. All of them are informative and engaging, though not everyone will agree with the contents (and properly so - that is the entire point of informed discussion). Among those articles are the following, and all are worth reading when you have a few minutes:

His take on the Cardinal Seven Rules of Marksmanship (which may in fact be nine...)

His case for the need for 3D targets for real world training.

The Sage Dynamics primer on handgun holster selection.

Sage Dynamics discussion of concealed carry options: advantages and disadvantages.



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