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Range use or desk use - Target Minis from Red Stitch Tactical

Red Stitch Tactical AR500 Mini on a trailer hitch

Red Stitch Tactical has released 3/8" AR500 steel AR500 Target Minis. Put them on your desk (they're perfect for a desk pop), on your trailer hitch or as actual targets - they can take the beating. Though some people are using them as knock-overs for training, an increasing number of police and military personnel are apparently picking them up and putting departmental/unit logos on them and using them for going away/PCS/retirement gifts (or just desk top conversation).

Though I like the idea of being able to actually shoot at them, those of you with trucks, jeeps and SUVs may like them for the same reason I do; they'll look cool on the back of my vehicle.

Red Stitch Tactical AR500 Minis

There are currently three models available. Each is a scaled down version of the Full Silhouette, E-Silhouette and B-Zone Silhouette. They are available in black or white. Red Stitch (a Marine Corps veteran owned company) advises anyone purchasing a a new AR500 Mini in knock-over or trailer hitch style by 30 July will be automatically placed in the running for a Red Stitch 6-target dueling tree they will be giving away 01 August.

Red Stitch Tactical AR500 Mini shot upRed Stitch Tactical AR500 Mini white on a trailer hitch 2Red Stitch Tactical AR500 Mini white on a trailer hitchRed Stitch Tactical AR500 Minis 2



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