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Grey Ghost Gear and Tactical Tailor Announce Strategic Partnership

Tactical Tailor, a big supplier of gear to military personnel (and the progenitor of the Fight Light line of equipment) has worked with Grey Ghost Gear in the past. Grey Ghost Gear is a smaller, "boutique" manufacturer of tactical equipment that manufactures gear in a number of different camouflage patterns and occasionally releases atypical pieces of kit like their magazine bandolier.



According to a press release issued last week, the two companies will now be working together much more closely . It is reprinted here in its entirety because of its unusual (one might say refreshing) style. (Warning: language.)

Lakewood, WA—25 June 13

“We have gotten into the fashion of talking of cavalry tactics, artillery tactics, and infantry tactics. This distinction is nothing but a mere abstraction. There is but one art, and that is the tactics of the combined arms.”

— Maj. Gerald Gilbert, The Evolution of Tactics, 1907

“Shit, it’s the Blues Brothers!”  Matt Murphy, The Blues Brothers, 1980

ALCON: Bring it in, take a knee, listen up. Tactical Tailor is joining Grey Ghost Gear in a strategic alliance the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Jake got out of prison and rejoined Elwood Blue.

Tactical Tailor is a Tacoma WA based manufacturer of US-made, Berry Amendment compliant tactical gear. Grey Ghost Gear is a ‘boutique’ manufacturer of bad ass niche kit headquartered in Dalton, ID.  Both companies are Veteran owned, with Grey Ghost Gear being a Service Connected Disable Veteran classified company. Like the Blues Brothers, both can do big things by themselves…but it’s when they get together that things get epic.

“The two companies have done some work together before, but not like this,” says CEO Casey Ingels.. “Tac Tailor is going to be working with Grey Ghost Gear much more consistently. We’ll be leveraging the unique strengths of both companies to dramatically increase our offering to the end users. We’re going to put some things in the field that will change everything.”

Neither company puts anything out for commercial purchase until it’s been deployed and evaluated downrange—true story, no bullshit. Ingels recently spent a weeks on the ground in Afghanistan handing stuff out to guys on the sharp end so they’d have it to try out. They receive feedback daily via e-mail and frequent social media traffic.

In addition to the brand gear it builds, Tactical Tailor constructs kit for many other companies. It is an expansive list that includes H&K, Benchmade, Gerber, Leupold, Crimson Trace, Knights Armament…virtually a who’s who in the industry. Grey Ghost Gear set the tactical community on its ass over the last year when it demonstrated its quick turnaround, rapid prototyping and overall agility—this is a company that received a call from a Tier One unit with a need, prototyped it, modified it and had the finished product in their hands helping kill Muj in a week.

“Tactical Tailor brings production muscle to Grey Ghost. Grey Ghost is dexterous and responsive,” Ingels says, waxing serious. “Though its operations base is in Idaho, its relationship with manufacturers in the UK and elsewhere offer domestic and foreign options that TT just won’t have on its own. TT has a couple decades of combat proven equipment to speak for its quality.  Tailor equipment will remain Made in the USA. The two companies will remain extant as separate companies, working jointly.”

“We'll put the band back together, do a few gigs, we get some bread,” chuckles Tactical Tailor R&D Team Lead and Sales Manager GW Ayers. “No, in all seriousness, this is going to let us do some great things for the warfighter. CALL [Center for Army Lessons Learned] defines joint synergy as having the strengths of each service combine to overcome the limitations of the others, or to reinforce the good effects. That’s what we’re going to be doing, and it’s the guys on the ground that will benefit.”

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