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Gerber's new 'Downrange Tomahawk'


This is the new Downrange Tomahawk released last month by Gerber.


Designed as a complete breaching tool and featuring an axe head, prybar and hammerhead, the Down Range Tomahawk is build in Portland, OR of 420HC steel (Cerakoted) and desert tan G-10. It comes with a MOLLE/PALS-compatible sheath and Kydex blade cover for ease of carry and rapid deployment.

"It's a little less for going through logs and a little more for going through doors," laughs Andrew Gritzbaugh, Marketing Manager for Gerber, but while that may be technically correct I can attest to its effectiveness. We had a tornado and some very high winds in my neck of the woods night before last. It provided perfect tomahawk fodder (although it did not take me long to switch to a chainsaw). I have not yet had a chance to use it on a proper door, though of course I really want to. Until then I'll pass it on to some of the locals who will do a fine job trying to tear it up for me.


Gerber-Downrange-Tomahawk3"We collaborated with guys from a SWAT team in Nevada, active and prior service SF Soldiers, current and former NSW personnel and...other professionals," Gritzbaugh continues. "This helped us develop a tool that accomplishes a number of forced entry tasks while reducing the number of tools carried."

This obviously lightens the load, if you're humping it on a pack, and helps minimize clutter and frees up space if you're using it while mounted. Gerber reports strong initial sales and exceptional response in the marketplace, having already received a large number of unit and departmental orders. This is reflected in a lot of good end user feedback in social media.





Via the website:

Triple-Purpose Ax Head There’s no arguing with a tomahawk. This is largely due to the Downrange’s three-tiered approach to tactical breaching. The axe head’s beveled edge is capable of chopping through drywall and turning walls and doors to splinters. The backside of the ax head functions as hammer for getting through hinges, locks, doorknobs and anything else that’s there to slow you down. The third threat is a pry bar at the end of the handle, controlled by a cutaway grip in the ax head.

Serious Pry Bar Opposite the business end of the Downrange Tomahawk is a hefty pry bar. With a solid marriage of physics and force, you can confidently pry away using the cutaway handle in the ax head for leverage. The 420HC steel body with Cerakote™ will not bend or break, and the desert tan G-10 handle has integrated scales to keep the tool firmly in your hands no matter the conditions.

Packs Like a Pro Tomahawks don’t exactly fit in your pocket, so it comes with a sheath that’s as practical as the tool itself. No matter what line of duty you serve in, if this tool is going to make it to where the action is, it has to be easy to carry. Which is where the MOLLE-compatible sheath comes into play. It readily attaches to your pack, standard webbing or body armor, so it goes where you do.


  • Overall Length: 19.27" (48.9cm)
  • Weight: 1.9 lb. (861.8 g) without Sheath, 2.5 lbs. (1133.9 g) with sheath
  • Steel Type: 420HC
  • Handle Material: G-10
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