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Female Israeli Soldiers Punished For Racy Facebook Photos


Israel Female Soldiers 4Four Israeli female soldiers have been punished for posting a set of racy photos on Facebook with the women wearing a few pieces of kit, holding rifles and not much else.

The four women were punished for posting one photo on Facebook last month. The four then subsequently posted three more photos after receiving a reprimand for "unbecoming behavior." It's unclear if they have received further disciplinary actions.

Walla, an Israeli news agency, reported that the women were Israeli Defense Force recruits at the time the photos were taken.

Another group of female Israeli soliders were punished in 2012 after five of them posted a picture wearing pretty much only their helmets and vests.

The four female soldiers have not yet been identified by reports that have circled the globe since the pictures were first uncovered.

Getting punished for photos posted on Facebook sets an interesting international precedent for how closely commanders monitor a servicemembers' Facebook account. I can imagine there are plenty of photos on U.S. servicemembers' Facebook accounts that they wouldn't want their commanders to inspect.

What do you think? Should a servicemembers' Facebook account be fair game for discipline?

Below is the photo for which the four soldiers were first reprimanded.

Israel Female Soldiers 5

Along with the photo at the top of the post, these two photos were also published on Facebook following the soldiers' reprimand.

Israel Female Soldiers 2

Israel Female Soldiers 3

Below is the photo posted in 2012 by five other female Israeli soldiers.

Israel Female Soldiers

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