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Father's Day Idea 1: The T.A.S.K. from Fight and Flight


Father's Day is coming up fast. You may need some last minute gift ideas to pass along to Household-6, the Residential Sergeant Major, your girlfriend or whomever. Here's something that sounds silly but would make for a good addition to anyone's toiletry kit - the T.A.S.K. (Tactical Ass Scrubbing Kit). As the website says, "Simply put, this is the best (and probably the ONLY) non-disposable tactical body cleanser on the market. Constructed from 8mm antimicrobial spacer mesh, the T.A.S.K. can and will get you clean. Whether you have a full bar, or just a sliver, it facilitates a thick lather, and can even be used with liquid soaps."The TASKAsked about the extensive field trials conducted in harsh climes and difficult terrain (see the image below), the designer of the T.A.S.K. advised the following: "...made sure to get a bit grimy today; dirt, sweat, the blood of my enemies - in this case a grass fed cow; and it scrubbed as well as any bath scrubber you can buy (if not better), plus the mesh is anti-microbial (colloidal silver), so it won't grow nastiness on it. Came out cleaner than using an Axe Ball Detailer, I could use my favorite bar soap (rather than shell out for the more expensive liquid soap)... and even make use of the leftover bar soap slivers that have been accumulating..."

The T.A.S.K. fits all standard-sized soap bards and comes equipped with 6" webbing loop for hanging it out to dry, deployment at a field sanitation station or for retention. The manufacturer (it's a veteran-owned business) has kindly provided some gender-based guidelines for proper use of a T.A.S.K., and also advises that if you have a few extra moments at the COP or your campsite you might consider the healthful benefits of dry-brushing your skin

Males: It scrubs off the grime and stank, and even uses your leftover soap slivers. Wash away the blood of your enemies, making you smell and look better as you hear the lamentation of their women.

Females: It exfoliates to reveal a newer, softer you, and works with your favorite beauty bar. The mesh's colloidal silver also prevents bacterial growth, so there's no lingering ikkiness.

The T.A.S.K. is available from Fight and Flight Tactical for just $8.00; it's hard to beat that price, so you might also ask for a battery brick to throw in your EDC bag or vehicle.

The TASK in Use


Fits all standard-sized soap bars. 6" webbing loop for hanging your T.A.S.K. out to dry, use at a field sanitation station, or to be used for retention.

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