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Father's Day Gift Idea #2: the Combat Support System


Here is something that could be used by lots of dads (or anyone who has to jock up or carry a weapon): the Combat Support System.

Built to support your gear and weapon (not secure and lock it), Combat Support System is available in virtually any color scheme (the manufacturer will customize it when you order). Unfortunately it will apparently only be available for a little while longer. There are currently less than 500 units left and CSS advises they won't be making any more once those sell. The CSS was designed to secure gear - rifle, armor, helmet, etc. - on a wall or other mounting platform so it doesn't have to be dumped on the floor or piled on a chair.

Combat Support System

Says the designer, "I developed the CSS for the warfighter to store their gear on while deployed. Instead of using junk wood, chairs, hooks and nails. I developed it for the love of my fellow warfighters to have a nice system that will efficiently store their gear. So my utility patent and the CSS will be discontinued. Thanks to all who I have connected to and for the nice comments. I believed I was solving a problem because my ten years in country and being a former service member, I saw the need. Every hootch, headquarters, pax terminal, range, guard post and the list goes on, I saw the way that rifles, helmets and vest were just layed [sic] around. Once again thank you and if interested, pick up the remaining Combat Support Systems, while they last..."

Purchase yours here while there are still some in stock.


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