Belated Father's Day Gift Idea #1: Kitanica Pants


I asked Mike Durand what he wanted, much as I asked Brad. This is the response I got. As much as it galls me to blow $200 on a pair of britches, I may break down and do it. DR


Hey! You! It's Monday. Father's Day was Sunday. Have you gotten anything for Dad to show what a great guy he's been, or did you put it off to the last minute? Yeah, you a procrastinator? Well, nothing says We love you, Pop! and thanks for taking all those feet and knees to the junk, like a ridiculously expensive and cool pair of tactical pants for that tactically minded father in your life. Kitnaica offers the Gen 2 Pants that any tacticool dad should have. The Gen 2 Pants have a total of 11 (eleven) pockets. The hip pockets corners are reinforced with Cordura so Dads knife doesn't destroy the material, double re enforced knees, two (yes TWO) built in expandable rear dump pockets for magazines and whatnot, and five rows of PALS loops on the left hip! Let's just sit and think about that for awhile... Kitanica1 Kitanica-Gen-2-Pants-photo-1 GalleryGenMC6 Like I said, at $199 a pair theses are expensive pants but isn't Dad worth it? I know my year would be made if I received these, and I haven't given up hope yet...


About the author: Mike Durand is a U.S. Army Infantry combat veteran of Iraq with over 15 years of service. During his off time he partakes in such manly activities as enjoying the outdoors, target shooting, reading a vast array of suitably impressive topics, military history and of course sipping a good stiff drink while wearing a smoking jacket with his loyal Irish wolfhound at his feet. Actually most of that isn’t true at all. He lives and writes in California with his wife, one year old daughter and four cats. He writes as his kids (one of them scarcely more than a slobbering paperweight but adorable nonetheless) and duties allow.

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