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Pickpocket Proof Pants Have Arrived


In February I posted an article about Pickpocket Proof Pants, whose designer Adam Rapp I'd met at Outdoor Retailer. Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Adam, kindly providing a pair of their new Adventurer Traveler pants as well as the recently released Pickpocket Proof Shirt to review. I will be doing a lot of traveling over the next few weeks in addition to helping teach a class in Arizona - I'm looking forward to trying them out and will give a full review after I put them through some paces. It will be nice to have some comfortable britches that can store EDC securely without shouting to all and sundry that I am probably carrying a gun.


P-Cubed pants by Clothing Arts just had their television debut - please watch the interview, and were recently mentioned in a pickpocket-relaed article in USA Today. In answer to the obvious question, yes he is working on a concealed carry version as well as some other designs, including a new women's version that will be out soon (including, I believe, Capris).

This is the Travel Shirt, a four pocket design with 2 secure pockets and 2 standard pockets:

New travel shirt from Clothing Arts

These are the new Adventure Pants - they take approximately twice as long to build as a pair of "typical" cargo pants and feature a gusset crotch. My initial observations certainly support the Clothing Arts' claim that they use better materials and more functional zippers than the closest competitors (I'm unaware of any direct competitors at this time).

My original article here.

Clothing Arts on the web here.




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