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News from Agilite: Images of the IPC & Adventurers Needed


Agilite_Ropes2Agilite, a tactical gear company based in Rehovot (about a half an hour from Tel Aviv), is looking for "extreme climbers and adventurers" for their forthcoming Agilite Outdoor branch. They are looking for "professional adventurers and extreme climbers who are interested in taking part in the evaluation and R&D of our new static and dynamic rope lines for the upcoming Agilite Outdoor."

Applicants should be able to provide a legitimate background justifying why AO would pick them - evaluators will be in the company of a tough group. As an example, one of the initial designer-evaluators (pictured to the right ascending a cave in the Negev Desert) was in the Israeli Defense Force's 101st Paratrooper Brigade before being shot in the Al-Atatra neighborhood of the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead five years ago. He was rescued by 669 (the IDF equivalent of PJs) and eventually returned to his unit and then went to work for Agilite when he left the military. T&E on the new rope line also being conducted by elements of Yamam (Israel’s top counter-terrorism unit) and the USAF PJ school in Albuquerque.

"People ask what our employment process involves and I usually joke that it starts with being shot and rescued," said Agilite's Elie Isaacson. "But we won't make military service, being shot up or blown up a requirement for Agilite Outdoor evaluators!"

If you're interested, apply to

In other Agilite news:

Agilite Tactical is operated by IDF and US Army combat veterans. They manufacture their kit in both the US and Israel. One of their best known pieces of gear is the IPC (Individual Personnel Carrier). The IPC is a brilliant piece of kit designed to allow a single individual to transport someone who is injured or unable to move under his own power. Initially employed in strictly a military context, use has expanded beyond what its inventors ever envisioned.

These images were taken by one of the IDF infantry brigades' recon battalion. They show recon soldiers conducting IPC training at Maala, the IDF's vast urban warfare training center colloquially know by it's Arabic name, Balladia. The largest MOUT facility in the world, it is used by IDF and friendly infantry and SOF units from all over.

If you want one, the IPCs are currently on special on the Agilite website.

IPC Training at Balladia1 IDF

IPC Training at Balladia3 IDF

IPC Training at Balladia4 IDF

IPC Training at Balladia2 IDF



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