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Kit Up! Is Looking For A Few Good Gear Reviewers


Kit Up! is going to start running more gear reviews. Packs, holsters, snivel gear, boots, socks, concealed carry, gloves -- anything you're thinking about taking a chance on with your hard-earned money. But instead of doing it ourselves, we're going to try something new.

We want our readers to use the newest kit and then tell everyone what you think and whether its worth every penny or not worth a damn. Kit Up! will provide the gear; you provide the experience and insight for a fair review.

You can keep the kit when the job is done.

We will run reviews on new products that show innovation and promise. But we will also do reviews that look at multiple designs of a single type of gear such as packs, jackets or holsters.

Anyone who is interested can apply, but not everyone  makes a good reviewer. Aside from testing the gear, you have to be able to convey your findings in a clear, organized manner in 600-1,000 words. You have to be  able to discuss what you plan for the review with an editor, work to a deadline and put up with a little editing on the final product.

We also need clear photos. Pics of the gear in the review process are preferred.

If you are interested in becoming a gear reviewer for Kit Up!, contact us by going to the "We Need Intel!" tab on the top left of the homepage beneath the Kit Up! logo. Scroll down to "Share Your Ideas with Kit Up!" and provide your name and contact info. in the right blanks.

Then in the "Describe Your Topic or Interest" field, tell us about your background and why you would make a good gear reviewer. We are not looking for fancy; we just want people who have experience using gear to add credibility to the reviews. Ultimately, we want to build a pool of reviewers that can work on a rotation so we can run reviews on a regular basis.

We want to start running reviews soon, so please contact us ASAP. We appreciate reader insights and hope some of you are willing to take this next step with us. We'll keep you posted as we move forward.

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