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Gen. Odierno 'Very Comfortable' With M4A1


Enduring FreedomThe Army's top officer made comments Tuesday that further led observers to believe the service will cancel the Improved Carbine competition.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno met with reporters Tuesday morning where he was asked by a reporter about the status of the program.On May 2, reporter Matthew Cox reported  that Army weapons officials are in the process of canceling the competition for a new carbine and reprogramming $49.6 million in the proposed fiscal 2014 budget to buy 30,000 improved carbines, according to a source familiar with the effort.

Odierno didn't say the Improved Carbine competition is canceled outright. However, he did say he feels "very good" about the upgraded version of the M4.

The M4A1 is the special operations version of the M4 that has been in the service for over a decade. This version has emerged from the M4 Product Improvement Program. Odierno said he is confident in it.

““I'll give you my position on the M4. We've modernized it,” Odierno said. “It's a great system. I feel very comfortable with the [improved] M4, very comfortable.” reporters Brendan McGarry and Cox posted a story Wednesday morning that provides more details on Odierno's comments and context on the program. Read it here.

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