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Combat Flip Flops Unveils New Claymore Bag


Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag4Combat Flip Flops will soon be offering a new courier/messenger style bag: the Claymore Bag.

The design is, as many of you will recognize, based on the bags used to carry Claymore anti-personnel mines (minus the sickly green direction sheet sewn inside). As you can see from the pictures, there are three primary pockets, one larger than the other, with provision made to hold everything from your sunglasses and iPhone to iPads, pistol holsters and a blow-out kit (or, as you might expect, a Claymore).

The bag is the sort of haute tacticool couture I would expect from guys like Andy Sewrey, Matthew Griffin and Donald Lee - as is the inclusion of an adjustable 2-Point Sling in lieu of a regular strap to keep it slung tight over any size frame, snivel kit (or body armor). This bag has great potential for EDR/EDC (though in our mind mindset has as much or more to do with EDR than gear does).Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag1

The Claymore Bags will be manufactured on behalf of Combat Flip Flops by Tactical Tailor, whose CEO Casey Ingels was enthusiastic about the project.

"It's always cool to help in the design and manufacture of good gear and this was a particularly fun, it is always good with another alumnus of the Regiment." Combat Flip Flop founder Matt Griffin and Ingels served in 2/75 Ranger Battalion, though decades apart. Donald Lee was also in the Regiment, and Griff is a West Pointer.

Asked why he modeled and named it after the M18A1 bag, Griffin just grinned.

"Because it's the perfect burly bag to hold everything you need, and what is the coolest bag you ever had in the field? What is instantly recognizable for what it is?"

Future ripstop colors will include gunmetal grey, crimson and black with lime green thread. More details when it's in full production.

It's not a man purse, its a satchel. It's even cooler than anything Indiana Jones has.

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