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Behind the Snake Hound Machine Glock Package


SHM2After Snake Hound Machine released the press on their new SHM Standard Glock Package, I needed to know a little more. I wanted to know why they chose what they chose and the reasons behind the upgrades and additions. So I called up the owner of SHM, Owen Martin, to get full disclosure.

So I carpet-bombed Owen with a barrage of questions and then frantically tried to keep up as he extensively explained the details of the package. Here's what I got:

At its very core, the SHM Standard Glock Package is meant for an entry-level user that wants quality parts that will improve the performance and function in a carry or range setup and not sacrifice safety or reliability. Essentially, it gives you everything you need and nothing you don't.

As if the parts weren't enough, SHM also provides two more options for the user to complete their package. SHM has partnered with Off the Grid Concepts and INFORCE to outfit the customer with a holster and a pistol light. More on that in a bit.

Owen went on to explain that he made these additions to his pistol first and carried and tested them for over 6 months before offering the package to his customers. The upgraded parts are just that...upgrades. They have zero effect on the reliability of the gun.

” The customer supplies his or her existing Gen 3 or 4 Glock, the pistol is upgraded, the options are selected and the customer receives their completed pistol back ready to go with the standard package or with the addition of the holster and/or the light. Right out of the box, it's ready to go."



The stainless trigger from Zev Tech is a flat-faced fulcrum trigger as opposed to the factory the rounded face of a factory Glock trigger. The safety is also 3x wider and becomes completely flush with the trigger face when fully depressed. The internals are finished off with a re-surfaced striker sear engagement to create a 3.5 lb pull with minimal pre and overtravel and also provides the user with a discernible reset.



The sights he chose were a combination of a HiVis .080 Diameter Overmolded Green LitePipe front sight and the new and truly innovative I.C.E. Claw EMS rear sight from Rob Pincus. (I had a chance to get a good look at the Claw EMS sights and baseplates at SHOT this year, and they are an excellent upgrade to any Glock.)



The last addition to the SHM Standard Glock Package is a Lone Wolf Extended Magazine Release to aid in a better thumb purchase for faster and easier reloads.


As I stated earlier, Owen and Snake Hound Machine has joined forces with two top industry professionals to create a fully operational "out-of-the-box" kit ready for use. First, the holster available an Off the Grid Concepts' Nocturnal Sidewinder with the Light/No-Light Option which allows the user to carry with just the Glock or with the Glock equipped with the APL. The OTG Nocturnal Sidewinders will come standard with zero cant, a full sweat guard, set up for outside the waistband carry and will be available in two distinct color options: "War Machine" - Grey on Black with front Hex cuts or "A-TACS" - A-TACS AU on Black with front Hex cuts. The INFORCE APL is the final option for the SHM Standard Glock package which is a fantastic light that really looks great on Glocks and functions flawlessly. These two options are provided at a discount when added to the standard SHM Standard Glock Package, so it really does benefit the customer to select both options and take advantage of the special pricing.


I'll wrap things up with a quick, visual rundown of the equipment and prices.

The basic package is $325 and includes:

  • HiVis .080 Diameter Overmolded Green LitePipe Front Sight
  • I.C.E. Claw EMS Rear Sight
  • 3.5lb Connector Bar
  • Zev Fulcrum SS Trigger and Trigger Bar
  • Lone Wolf Extended Magazine Release
The basic package + INFORCE APL runs $450.

The basic package + INFORCE APL & OTG War Machine Holster runs $575.

The basic package + INFORCE APL & OTG A-TACS Holster runs $590.

Overall, the Snake Hound Machine Standard Glock Package is great for entry-level guys  all the way up to experienced shooters who want quality parts, upgrades and gear from quality and reputable companies.

For more information on Snake Hound Machine and their new SHM Standard Glock Package, log onto their website at

About the Author: Brad Walker is former enlisted man, now WO, who may or may not be Danny McBride’s evil twin. A ten year Army Aviation veteran who was an NCO before going to flight school, he now drives Apaches and is an FAA privately licensed rotary wing aircraft pilot. He’s got a strong background in trauma/casualty care and SERE, loves to shoot and writes when his muse grabs him. He is a frequent contributor to Kit Up and a member of the evaluation team over on B-B-C.

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