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Army Plans to Cancel Improved Carbine Competition


M4Army leaders have set in motion plans to kill the Improved Carbine competition right before it enters its third and final phase, according to sources.

Reporter Matthew Cox posted a report to with further details on the service's work to reprogram money set aside for the program. The move signals an end to the multi-year program to replace the M4 carbine.

The Army has set aside more than $300 million toward the program through 2018. However, service officials are under pressure to cut costs anywhere they can.

When the Pentagon Inspector General started an audit of the program six weeks ago, it caught the attention of many observers of the program. When the IG questioned the requirements for it, even more eyebrows were raised.

Army Secretary John McHugh will make the final decision on the program, and if it proceeds. He told the House Armed Services Committee on April 25 that he would have an update early this summer. However, he didn't offer a ringing endorsement when asked about its status.

"There has been some input recently out of the Department of Defense as to the Army’s requirement and lack thereof. We are trying to go through those findings to make a determination,” he told lawmakers.

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