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Tactical Concealment Reveals 2 New Slings


Tactical Concealment of Tempe, AZ has revealed two new slings in their line-up: the MARR (Modular Adjustable Retention Rifle) and the ARC (Adjustable Retention Carbine).

The former is designed for snipers, designated marksmen and others who carry a long gun. It features an adjustable non-slip arm retention piece device intended to steady the shooter's position platform, a 'quick retention capability' and is built to allow the shooter to carry a long gun in backpack configuration. The MARR is adjustable to fit most long guns equipped with 1.5" sling swivels. Retail $120.

MARR_Sling MARR_Sling2

The latter is a sling for M4/AR14 style weapons. It features adjustable retention and also has non-slip material on the interior of the top half of the sling. It will fit most AR15 style rifles equipped with 1" swivels. Retail $79.

ARC_Sling1_TacticalConcealment ARC_Sling2_TacticalConcealment


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