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The Silent Professional Auction


Matthew "Griff" Griffin has advised that he and Combat Flip Flops, along with The Macalan Group and Intelligent Waves, are a part of the Silent Professional Auction, the first worldwide we enabled auction in our industry (actually the first one I've heard of) to raise money for SOF related charities. The list of items to be auctioned off is nothing short of astonishing, and most are literally one of a kind. A Swiper UAV that was used for pirate hunting missions off the coast of Africa (winner must be a US citizen), a training course with retired Delta SGM Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics, a knife that was carried on the Bin Laden of only 10 Suunto Ambits with an image of "Shady" Brett Shadle,  a Barrett M82 .50, a private hunt with Reaper Outdoors and retired SEAL Masterchief Ron Bellan - you get the idea. Other items not yet listed on the website (q.v.) are custom Glocks, at least one rifle from Daniel Defense and many other things.

Bidding will start on the first of May and will last through the 15th. 100% of the proceeds will benefit various SOF charities such as the Green Beret Foundation, The Station Foundation, Team5, I believe the Rangers' Lead the Way Fund and others (I will advise additional charities involved and further updates as Griff provides them).

This is truly a unique alliance of current and former members of the SOF community and the industry that supports them, and an incredible opportunity to bid on singularly rare items and once in a lifetime training, hunting and competitive experiences.

From the website: "The need for supporting our SOF soldiers is greater than ever with the increase in mental and physical injuries sustained over the years and their impacts on these soldiers and their families. This auction is a sincere attempt by The Macalan Group, Combat Flip Flops and Intelligent Waves IW to recognize the support that people and companies inherently display for SOF families and to provide them an opportunity to donate to worthwhile charities that offer aid. 100 percent of the generated proceeds will benefit SOF charities, including (but not limited to): The Green Beret Foundation, The Station Foundation and Team5."

The whole thing will be administered on Facebook at Go check it out. The auction is at

Note: There will also be a charity event at the Mad Monkey at this year's SOFIC for those who want to attend.

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