Watching Others Shoot - How Do You Choose?


Today's guest post is courtesy of Spawn of Shooter, who usually writes on Under the Radar.

I don't get to the range as much as I like, mostly because ammunition costs now eat up my allowance way faster than they used to. I do try to watch videos my dad, uncles and uncles' friends don't make fun of (my Uncle P, a retired STA Marine, is now a training sergeant for our city SO - he has a pretty good collection I can borrow, sometimes I'm allowed to watch them on the range, and I've had the chance to watch guys on the range at Ft. Leonard Wood and some other places). I try to keep an eye on videos from 3-Gun Nation, Viking Tactics, etc. Yesterday I caught another uncle (a retired Stryker SNCO) watching these:



So I'm curious...MagPul has videos, Panteao has videos, 5.11 Tactical has videos and all of those come with an explained background. How does the readership on Kit Up choose which videos to watch and/or recommend to your dependents or friends? Are all of them here in the US or are there good pages to watch from the UK, IDF and others? There's only about 6 more years before I can get my CCW and I want to outshoot all the old guys sooner than later!

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