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You've heard us talk about Panteao Productions here on Kit Up, more than once. In their ever-increasing library of DVDs (and streaming content options) is a vast amount of accumulated knowledge. This isn't surprising, given their 'stable' of SMEs. You can like the video training option or hate it, but there's no denying the amount of background and experience Panteao presents taken in total. Paul Howe of Combat Shooting and Tactics, Jim Gilliland of Shadow-6, Louis Awerbuck of Yavapai Firearms Academy, Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics, "Chappy" Chapman of LMS Defense...I could go on, but you get the point.

In any case, what you might not know is that the vast majority of their filming is done on location in the Everglades (which is where Matt Jacques of Victory First tried to feed me to what appeared to be the world's biggest saltwater crocodile, though Panteao HMFIC Fernando Coelho said it was a young alligator). The location is a good one, but it is a lengthy drive from the closest billeting and infrastructure, which cuts down on the amount of work time they have available each day. There are availability limitations, weather constraints and the fore-mentioned reptiles as well.

As a result, Panteao Productions intends to build their own shooting location - to wit, a Pantheon Headquarters (Panteao is Portuguese for Pantheon) in South Carolina. this will include an indoor studio, multiple ranges, armory armory/gunsmithing accommodations, billeting facilities and all the infrastructure required to bring the crew and 'talent' in and get to work. Less time on the road, more time working.IMG_6538

In order to build the Panteao Productions HQ quickly (they hope to move in and be filming by October) they are launching a Kickstarter project with a goal of $250,000.

Kickstarter LinkWe just launched a fund raising project on in an effort to help fast track the ranges and studio. The ranges include a 100 yard bay and three 25 yard bays. We already have steel targets supplied to us by our friends over at Action Target. The indoor studio will feature studio sets geared specifically towards instructional videos and interviews, including a green screen set, moveable walls, etc. Instead of traveling to film at a rented studio and bring all of our gear, we will be able to produce more videos in a shorter period of time from our own facility. A phase 1 study has already been completed on the land, designs completed and a contractor selected. Now we need to pull the trigger and get the project rolling.
If the Kickstarter Goal isn't reached, they'll phase the ranges and studio facilities as time and funds allow. If they exceed their fundraising goal they will build a ballistic shoot house with the help of Action Target.

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