Hello Kitty: A Far From Typical Holster from OTG


I never understood the whole Hello Kitty phenomenon. Honestly, I still don't. However, not too long ago I was humbled on the range (and I wasn't the only one) by a pair of females with Hello Kitty on their rifles - which is a truly despicable way of adding insult to injury. They weren't the last females I saw displaying their allegiance to Hello Kitty either, so when I heard Off The Grid was making a new Kydex Hello Kitty holster I had them ship me one. I was about to attend a conference that featured a number of female shooters and LEOs (as well as some from the NRA Women's Outlook) and wanted their impression. Here's a look at the holster:


Yes, that's a little red bowtie, and yes those are spaces to accessorize it with other Hello Kitty stuff (I have no idea what it's called, I just know it's out there).

So the response I got to the holster was, predictably, high pitched and overwhelming. Now, it is important to keep in mind that these are by no means giggly schoolgirls. For instance, the female in the following pictures is a highly proficient shooter with an excellent tactical background. She's a Sheriff's Deputy in Illinois, a firearms instructor and Crossfit-addict, rifle competitor in the NPRC and Vice President of the Women's Tactical Association. She may or may not have been the one that impressed several of us at SHOT by demonstrating a perfect willingness to administer a well-deserved ass-whipping to a guy four times her size. This was after some inappropriate behavior, and she had to kick off her high heels to do so, but he did  apologize before physical injury resulted so the point was made.



As much as I expected the girls to like this holster, I certainly would never have believed grown men would professed any interest in them at all...not until I personally witness several guys who were genuine badasses (of an order of magnitude harder than me) get excited both by these holsters and about Orca Tactical's patches. Granted they were for wives and daughters, but it was still surprising.

Hello Kitty holsters from Off The Grid will have the same options as other OTG holsters with regard to cant, mounting options, 'serrated' edge, etc. For more information, contact them at  info(at)offthegridconcepts.com, check out the website (http://otghex.com/) or visit their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/OffTheGridConcepts.

I did not get the holster back, so against my better judgment I will be buying another for my niece.

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