The Indelible Imagery of Q-Concepts


One cannot be involved in the tactical industry and not be familiar with the phrase gun porn. It's an idiom with a broad definition that depends on the user, but ultimately it comes down to striking photos and video of weaponry...perhaps to a lesser extent to the other types of tactical gear. It's all gun porn, and you can't have gun porn without a photographer.

There are several photographers of tremendous talent in the industry. Today we'll take a look at that of Quoc Ha, the man behind Q-Concepts. You have probably seen his work in a number of places, including the Crye Precision Airframe Helmet in "Boba Fett-flage" auctioned off for charity at SHOT. Q is an enthusiastic shooter who trains frequently, often with an enviable array of SMEs (Mike Pannone for one example, and John McPhee for another) and is a volunteer with the Thousand Oaks (CA) Police Department, where he is a member of the Disaster Response Team. He is active in that role, participating for instance in an LASD School Terrorism and Response exercise, where he photographed and documented the exercise as well as playing an OPFOR role for LASD SEB and FBI tactical officers.

Q Concepts at Shotgun Class


Q Concepts Photography Legion LFP9 Belonging to Chris Naganuma

Q Concepts Venture County Sheriff Air Unit

Q has a lengthy background in various creative applications (not just photography), including a seven year stint at Sideshow Collectibles. In addition to professional photography, Q provides design, marketing, display, promotional and other services to his clients. He's a genuinely nice guy, a consummate professional and he has a beagle (I count being a dog lover as a strong recommendation in anyone).

Photo taken at the 9/11 Heroes Garden above Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. Photos taken at the 9/11 Heroes Garden above Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.

Q shooting images at the Mike Pannone Covert Carry/Low Light Class Shooting the Mike Pannone Covert Carry/Low Light Class


Below is Q Concepts wallpaper from a few months ago, featuring what was at the time a prototype front sight from TangoDown.(for the forward mounting of Surefire X300, Inforce, etc.). The focused part of the light beam " unaffected with a faint cutoff of the peripheral lighting." The weapon includes a Geissele Automatics, LLC Rail, Centurion Arms Upper and Noveske Rifleworks Lower.  High resolution image here.

Q Concepts Tango Down Wallpaper


Kitted out or jocked up, snipers or doorkickers or trained and educated armed citizens, most of us do love the gun porn so. Check out Q Concepts at

Q Concepts Quoc Ha


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