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Infantry_Sleep_Anywhere2_Adam_Ferguson_PhotoThis isn't your typical Kit Up! post by any stretch of the imagination. However, I've found sometimes the oddest things have a certain appeal. There are two pieces of kit that received rave reviews from some fellas at COP Herrera and another location were an electronic kettle and this thing - the Travel Halo. I'm guessing some of you reading this can understand why.

Originally created last year after an Indiegogo campaign, the Travel Halo is designed to make it easier to sleep sitting up (and, by default, in other contorted positions). Set aside the obvious benefits if you're stuck in a C-130 or a C-17 for a flight halfway around the world, this could be another sort of beloved snivel kit entirely.

The Travel Halo doesn't act as just a pillow, it provides stability for your head, with an optional piece to shut out the light.


It cushions the head on each side from the back, preventing head roll, and is designed to keep from shoving your head forward into the back-of-the-deuce-and-a-half bob. It weighs two and a half ounces and costs $30, and while it isn't something that confirms your doorkicking masculinity it might help you get your beauty sleep (which is probably more important anyway).

If nothing else, have HH6 buy you one before you deploy, then you can blame it on her and still use it.

Edit: the inventor of the Travel Halo is an OIF/OEF veteran who offers military discounts. See the comment section below for details. %embed1%


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