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Agilite's Infantry Rig Now Available in FG


agilite_vest_ATACS_FG1Israel's Agilite (a company founded by veterans of the IDF and the US Army) recently released a run of Limited Edition Tactical Hi-Vests after repeated requests via the Agilite Facebook Page.  The Tactical Hi-Vest is an infantry-centric loadbearing rig designed to allow for a full loadout without impeding freedom of movement and maneuverability. The decision to make the Limited Edition A-TACS came, says Agilite's Elie Isaacson, after a barrage of requests via Agilite's social media platforms, "...literally from all over the world, from the US to Hong Kong to Denmark."

Says Agilite's Eli Freedman, a member of the design team, "The A-TACS AU Hi-Vest is a stock item at Agilite but seeing it in FG too is beautiful."

The new vests were actually delayed after losing their turn in the Agilite Custom Department. Two of the designers working on them were called to active service as part of an emergency IDF reserve duty activation during the recent Operation Pillar of Defense in the Gaza Strip. It is Agilite policy that designers not just be veterans of the IDF's own in-house tactical design studio but most also be former operators as well. This operational experience is one of the reasos for their continued design success and high levels of ergonomic design.

"The only downside [to that]", says Freedman, "is that when things heat up we can be several men down!"




More information here. The Agilite Hi-Vest is made in the USA.

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