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A Breon Now Providing Custom Infusion to Custom Kydex Manufacturers


A Breon Custom, which until recently has been known primarily for putting logos and images onto polymer magazines using an infusion process, is now doing something similar with Kydex holsters. This is not to say they are actually building the holsters, mind you, they're not. They are putting designs on what someone else has built, as evidenced by the initial 'test models' made for Travis Haley and subsequent holster material provided by G-Code to T&E the process, quality and durability.

A Breon Haley Holster

A Breon Kydex sample

A Breon Kydex For G Code Testing A Breon Holster Sample

There are some differences between how the magazines and the holsters are done. It's somewhat reversed from working polymer. You cannot use heat on the Kydex, obviously, so the infusion process there involves cold and chemicals to allow penetration of the Kydex.  Currently they are working on the Kydex prior to the holster manufacturing process. As you can see the image bends and wraps without distortion when pressed, but it is possible they will start work post-manufacture once the process has evolved to their satisfaction.



More at A Breon Custom.

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