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In commemoration of the 10TH Anniversary of OIF, Ranger Up has re-released one of their first designs with a new color scheme and a new back.


Buy yours here:

Also, on a more serious note, Ranger Up is running a series of articles entitled We Remember Iraq in the Rhino Den section. Here are links if you're interested in giving them a read. It's worth the time.

"At some point, 1st Platoon was pushed out to the perimeter of Camp Delta and given the mission of observing a building on the other side of the river. There were several walled compounds Najaf8on the banks of the Tigris right there and someone higher up had picked out a specific one, wanting us to watch it. We climbed up to the top of a sort of fortified gate, manned by Ukrainian snipers, and between admiring their Dragunov rifles, we took turns with binoculars and watched that building. It was funny, because nothing was going on there. The compound next door had lots of activity but the one we had been told to watch didn’t seem to be occupied. We called up for confirmation and were told that, yes; we were watching the correct building.

I lay there in the warm sun, trying to ignore how crusty and nasty my one uniform was, and watched an Iraqi Police truck race into the compound next door. A few moments later, smoke started pouring out of the building and the truck raced away. Then part of the building blew up, a huge plume of smoke shooting up into the air and a small shock wave rolling across the river. Having lived in Oklahoma prior to joining the Army, the first though that popped into my head was, “Someone’s meth lab just blew up!”

We called up the explosion, and a short time later a message came down from Brigade. The now partially destroyed building had been the CPA compound, and they had given us the wrong building to watch..."

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

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