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New for Seabees, Engineers & Those Who Hate Filling Sandbags


Most smartassery aside, consider the implications of this in a deployed location, in MOOTW operations and anywhere there is a need to rapidly to establish some force protection measures (we hate that term, by the way). Certainly water won't always be available (though it doesn't have to be potable for these to work), but then presumably we won't always be wearing PT belts and fighting battles in arid, landlocked countries. Structures and the reinforcement of sandbags are obvious, but what if something like Hescos were made out of this? Could we have a more easily transportable T Wall option using something like this? It's the increased speed of putting infrastructure in place that seems most obvious to us - you air assault in, inflate one of these and in less than 24 hours some brigade commander's flunky could be giving direction to a platoon in the field from a position of relative safety.

Would this technology make it faster to establish a COP, or help recover from a natural disaster? FEMA trailers are nice and never wasted, but might this be a more durable option in places suffering recurring damage from weather? Perhaps skeletonized canvas walls could be erected in anticipation of a flood, or in places where people insist it's a fantastic idea to live in a bog below sea level.

This time all smartassery aside, any ideas?




We located a couple of places that seem to be carrying this stuff:

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!


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